Due to Covid-19, our Chelmsford store is currently closed. We are still posting out orders and can be reached via our Facebook page too.

Thanks to YOU, we're still going strong!

Posted by Donna Savill on

On the 20th of March, 2020, Roo's was forced to close the doors on our Chelmsford store, with no idea of what was coming next!

-How would we pay our bills?

-Could we continue to trade?

-Could Roo's survive?

We sat back for a couple of weeks. Attempting to 'take in' the craziness of the world we suddenly found ourselves in. The, 'did I just wake up in a made-for-TV disaster movie' World that is, Covid-19.

We locked ourselves away and sat glued to the daily news updates, waiting for the, ''False Alarm!'' announcement that still hasn't come.

So, in the only way we know how, we brushed ourselves off, pushed the 'drowning in my own sorrows' drink aside and took to our Facebook page... & the response has been overwhelming!

We now know we are not alone...our customers stand by our side, shoulder-to-shoulder, looking adversity dead in the eye as we carry on. 

Our doors may be firmly shut but, our My Hermes courier (hi Andy, if you're listening!!!) has never been so busy! Parcels are leaving here by the hundreds and, with the support of our wonderful customers, times are not as bleak as we first imagined.

My final thought, as I look to head back to my virtual world of online sales is, ''Thank you!"


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